NFT - Twitter Might Be the Next Big Thing

By NFTweets in News on Thu Sep 29 2022 | 4 min read

NFTs have exploded since Beeple, a crypto artist, sold a digital collage for $69 million in 2021. While they have been around for a while, big brands are now getting into it, as well. Tom Brady, Mila Kunis, and John Legend all have companies that maximize on NFT marketplaces.

What Is Digital Art?

Non-fungible tokens are often called NFTs. These units of data provide a secure ownership record using blockchain technology, including Solana and the Ethereum network. Generally, NFTs are associated with a digital collectible, such as digital art.

You may have heard of certain NFT projects, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunks.

Regardless, you can't copy or alter NFTs, so they can track property that you can't replicate, such as digital artwork and the people who have rights to a particular image.

Even Twitter is getting involved in the digital economy!

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What's a Digital Asset?

Digital assets are digital files that offer value to a company or person. While videos, logos, and images are the top choices, they can include PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, smart contracts, and so much more.

Sometimes, people copy the physical artwork and add it to the NFT market, turning them into digital collectibles.

You generally secure them in a digital wallet. Since they're in digital form, you don't have to worry about the cruelty of the physical world. Many people are now creating their own NFTs and selling them on the largest NFT marketplace in the world.

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Can Twitter Produce Digital Assets?

The goal is to buy NFTs that hold some sort of value and will only grow larger. These online-only assets can become part of NFT collections and boost a secondary trading volume later.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO, actually sold his very first tweet recently. After autographing it digitally, it went for $2.9 million!

You can create a non-fungible token with just about anything, storing it in your crypto wallet until you're ready to unleash it on the world. Typically, the goal is to sell NFTs to the highest bidder, but that requires using the right marketplace.

In fact, many companies are now creating their own marketplaces to help people sell and purchase NFTs effortlessly.

Can tweets be considered NFT art? It seems to be that way. Valuables helps people auction tweets and pay in ether. Minimum offers begin at $1, but you can choose a reserve price, too.

The distributed nature of the blockchain makes it nearly impossible to hack into the system to access digital artworks. Therefore, buying NFTs is one of the top options right now.

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Top NFT Marketplaces

Non-fungible tokens have been used in virtual worlds for many years, but people are now focused on NFT sales above all else. Are NFTs mainstream? The answer is a resounding yes!

There are various NFT marketplace sites available, and some are owned by tech companies and decentralized finance brands. Regardless, here are the top choices, whether you hope to sell Twitter posts or programmable art:

  • Nifty Gateway - This is a centralized marketplace that works with brands and artists to create "Nifties," its branded term. The buy and sell process is structured around NFT drops, where collections are only available for a short time.
  • Magic Eden - This could be one of the best marketplaces because it was founded by former Coinbase, Uber, and Google employees. It has multiple NFTs and hosts the Launchpad minting platform. Trading NFTs has never been easier.
  • Venly - This is a peer-to-peer marketplace where people can focus on buying and selling NFTs, such as characters and weapons, without getting cryptocurrency first. Users link their digital wallets.

There are plenty of other NFT marketplaces available, and they generally pose a lower security risk. Cryptographic assets aren't easy to steal, making NFTs safe when compared to other options.

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Whether you wish to protect against the dollar bill dropping or want everything related to a famous artist, there are marketplaces available to help you find your desired NFT.

The VR world takes the cake here, where you can find a video game or video clip. However, several marketplaces are branching out into domain names and other NFTs. Twitter's CEO shocked the world when he sold his first tweet. It's possible for anyone to make new NFTs out of ordinary things!