What Are NFT Tweets, and Are They Popular?

By NFTweets in News on Mon Oct 03 2022 | 3 min read

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are cryptographic assets that sit on a blockchain and feature unique ID metadata and codes to make them distinguishable from each other.

They aren't like cryptocurrencies because they're not traded or exchanged for full face value. Since crypto is identical to each other, they can be used for commercial transactions.

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Understanding How a Digital Asset Works

NFTs were developed by the same people who created smart contracts. They defined the ownership details, metadata, and security necessary to exchange and distribute gaming tokens. The ERC-1155 standard went further by reducing storage and transaction costs, batching many non-fungible token types into one contract.

In general, NFTs have many use cases. They're suitable to digitally represent real estate and digital art. Since they use blockchain technology, NFTs remove intermediaries, connecting artists with their audiences for identity management.

Much of the NFT market focuses on collectibles right now.

Why Are Digital Art and Collectibles the Top Choices?

The largest NFT marketplace focuses on digital collectibles, such as sports cards, digital artwork, and rarities. The most hyped marketplace sites include Nifty Gateway and NBA Top Shot. That latter option is a marketplace that lets you collect non-fungible tokens from NBA moments in digital form. Some cards sell for millions.

Likewise, Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, used the platform to tweet a link to his tokenized version of the first-ever tweet. It was only five words long ("just setting up my twttr"), but it sold for almost $3 million.

Cryptokitties became popular in 2017, which are digital representations of cats. More recently, you might have heard of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which has high prices, a large celebrity following, and high-profile thefts surrounding it.

How Do You Use NFT Marketplaces?

Many NFTs focus on Ether, so the first step is to search for digital wallets for storage and buy the cryptocurrency. Then, you can visit the best marketplaces to purchase NFTs. Options include SuperRare and Rarible. However, OpenSea takes the top spot, though there are other NFT marketplaces.

You can also search an NFT marketplace for new NFT projects. The digital economy isn't likely to go away anytime soon because of the lowered security risk. It's less likely you will lose access to your items, though it's always a possibility.

Why Digital Assets and NFTs Are Important

Non-fungible tokens have taken the simplified crypto world to the next level. Finance systems are now trading NFTs and selling them as digital representations of physical things.

Physical artwork is one of the top choices, and the best part is that you can hold them in your digital wallet. In the physical world, you might store physical artwork in a vault, but there's less hassle when you buy NFTs.

In a sense, NFTs help to reinvent the infrastructure people often use. While the idea of NFTs isn't novel, the concept gets combined with the advantages associated with tamper-resistant blockchains, smart contracts, and a distributed nature. Plus, they are generally secure, so they're less likely to get stolen.

Market efficiency is another advantage. Converting a physical asset to digital streamlines the process and can remove extra handling and other needs. You don't require an agent, and artists can connect with the audience directly.

Business processes are also improved. Creating an NFT for a wine bottle makes it easier to track production and sales. From there, people can sell NFTs, trading them in for real assets later.

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NFTs in the Real/Virtual World

NFT art democratizes investing because it fractionalizes physical items. You can easily divide digital real estate among many owners, but it's harder to do with a real property.

Generally, NFT collections are the top choice because they can have many owners. That can lead to an increased worth and more revenue.

The blockchain technology is paving the way for online-only assets to be the top choice. Many companies and brands are creating their own NFTs, and all you need is a crypto wallet and something people want.


Are you thinking of buying NFTs? They're definitely a great choice for many, though you may not see your tweets selling for high prices. Generally, a desired NFT is rare, and everyone wants it. That's why Twitter's CEO was able to sell his for a lot of money. That's not to say you shouldn't try, though!