What Is an NFT Tweet? Is It Possible to Sell Tweets as NFTs?

By NFTweets in News on Sat Oct 01 2022 | 3 min read

People often fear losing money in the physical world, and that's why NFT projects have become so popular. Blockchain news usually leaves you wondering what's happening.

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While non-fungible tokens have just recently become more popular, the situation has gotten complicated. You've probably seen pictures of apes selling for millions while the headlines about hacks for the digital economy run rampant. How are you to know what's real and if digital collectibles are right for you?

Are NFTs Digital Assets?

A non-fungible token means that it is a unique thing that can't get replaced with anything else. A Bitcoin is fungible because you can trade one and get another, so you have the same thing.

However, your one-of-a-kind trading card isn't fungible. You could trade it for another card, but you get something different.

Generally, a digital asset is an NFT, but it's only one type. You have cryptographic assets and digital artwork, as well as PDFs and other items in digital form. Plus, you can store them in your digital wallet, just like altcoins.

Digital Asset

How Does a Digital Asset or NFT Work?

At the highest level, NFTs are generally part of the Ethereum blockchain network, but others have started their own NFTs. Ethereum is one type of cryptocurrency, such as dogecoin or Bitcoin, though the blockchain keeps track of who's trading NFTs and holding them.

Should You Buy Digital Art from NFT Marketplaces?

Just as you would go to a gallery or museum to look at or buy physical artwork, you can create or purchase NFTs as digital art. As long as it's digital, including music, drawings, and other online-only assets, it's an NFT.

Non-fungible tokens primarily focus on the technology to sell the digital art. Here are a few examples of NFT collections:

  • Grimes created a 50-second video that sold for $390,000.
  • Beeple made a video worth $6.6 million.
  • The Bored Ape Yacht Club is another example of a popular NFT project. The apes were procedurally generated to have unique features and sold for millions.

The best thing here is that you can copy digital files as often as you want, which is why so many celebrities sell NFTs. Still, they offer something you can't replicate - the ownership of the work. Generally, the artist retains reproduction and copyright rights. Overall, anyone could buy a Monet painting, but only one person owns the original.

Can a Tweet Really Be an NFT?

Yes, if you find the right NFT marketplace, anything can be an NFT.

Whether you choose the largest NFT marketplace or a smaller one, it features a distributed nature. Therefore, they are generally secure, pose a lower security risk, and allow you to link your digital wallets to buy NFTs.

Overall, NFT sales are what everyone focuses on. While your tweet might not go for thousands of dollars, you can still find people buying NFTs like this. In fact, the Twitter founder sold one for about $3 million!

The issue is that things are still very much up in the air. With so many marketplace sites out there, the NFT market is spread thin. People worry they might lose access to their products, even though they're stored in a crypto wallet.

Nifty Gateway and other NFT marketplaces are helping digital artists create NFT art. Most NFTs focus on images and artwork, but domain names, video game characters, and video clip items are also popular.

What's the Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is very complex, but here's the basic idea: Blockchains help you store data without trusting one entity or company to keep things accurate and secure. There are nuances and exceptions that prove the rule, but this is generally what people focus on.


If you're interested in a famous artist, you want to support them. NFTs are one more way to do that and are trendy right now. Plus, you often get basic usage rights, such as setting the image as a profile picture or posting it online. Then, there are the bragging rights of owning the artwork.

Big brands are pushing for this, and many crypto token holders open their crypto wallets to pay hundreds of dollars to get these things. Whether the celebrity is instantly recognizable like Snoop Dogg or is an up-and-coming success, NFT drops the ball.